Pastured Poultry (Currently Unavailable)

The specialty at Wildwood Farm is pasture-fed chicken. Our Cornish-Cross birds enjoy the comforts of outdoor living unlike most grocery store chicken products. We pasture raise our chickens and process them here on the farm. The chicks are housed in a brooder room for 2-3 weeks and then transferred to open coops located in our fields. The chickens are moved daily to fresh pasture where they enjoy the benefits of free range within the safety of a pen. This process provides them the obvious benefits of fresh grass and other natural foods as well as creates a more sanitary environment. Our Cornish-Cross chickens mature in 8 weeks. At the end of this period, we move the chickens to our USDA approved processing room where friends, family, agriculture and veterinary collegestudents from the University of Tennessee process the chickens.

Chickens raised in other environments are susceptible to suffocation, cannibalism and diseases such as wide-spread salmonella.  Conversely, the practices at Wildwood Farm translate to a superb selection of meat full of nutrients and flavor. Our chickens are disease and stress-free and enjoy healthy living conditions. They enjoy fresh air while feasting on green grasses and other grubs exactly the way nature intended it.  Here at Wildwood Farm we feed our chickens an all natural diet that was formulated by the poultry experts at the University of Tennessee to boost mineral content.