About Us

Emily, Joshua, Stephanie, Sarah, Julie and Richard

Wildwood Farm is located in the Wildwood/Porter community in Maryville, Tennessee. The beautiful, sprawling farm was purchased in 1935 by Richard’s grandfather. Richard, having attended local public schools and Julie, just down the road in Chattanooga, both attended and graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After getting married, they moved back to the farm and currently live in the original homestead and have raised four wonderful children: Sarah, Stephanie, Joshua and Emily. Richard and his brother, own and manage a paving business where he has honed his entrepreneur skills, but his passion has always been farming. In 2009, began managing 140 acres of his grandfather’s farm.  With it, he and Julie have managed to establish a small farming business that lends itself to the practices of days gone by. Their beef, pork and chicken are antibiotic and hormone free. Richard says, “Very little feed is given to the cattle…only enough to “keep them manageable.” He continues about the farm, “We have no aspiration of stocking supermarket shelves or making it big, we simply want to provide our local community with naturally good, quality food you can trust.” At Wildwood Farm, Richard and Julie are striving to make a difference in the choices conscientious consumers make when it comes to purchasing meat.