Cattle have been grazing on our farm for the past 76 years. When Richard’s father retired from farming in 2009, Richard and his only brother Craig bought the herd from him and divided it between themselves. Today, we have approximately 81 Black Angus and Angus/cross cows and calves. Our steers graze on 140 acres of lush pasture comprised of clover, fescue and Bermuda grass. We subscribe to the salad bar grazing system; rotating the cows between pastures allowing the land to heal while the cattle move on to greener pastures. We strive to provide the best quality of life for our cattle. They don’t have to walk far to find plenty of shade and a fresh clean creek.

Low stress conditions mean healthy animals with no need for antibiotics or growth hormones. We do provide our young steers with small amounts of grain for the purposes of keeping them tame and manageable. This grain would makeup no more than 2% of their diet over a lifetime. In the winter, the cattle’s diet is supplemented with hay grown and bailed here on the property.

The reasons to choose grass-fed beef are many. The health benefits are obvious; high in flavor and lower in calories and fat. We show our steers the highest amount of respect from the beginning of their life to the end. It is our belief that they were put here for the purpose of feeding man and we owe it to them to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment in exchange for the bounty they put on our plate.


Wildwood Farm is offering whole,one-half, one-fourth and custom packaged freezer beef in this fall.  We raise only grass-fed, Black Angus cattle and our beef is always antibiotic and hormone free.  We process calves between 12-16 months of age to ensure very lean ground beef and steaks with little marbling,   In fact, great care and detail goes into every step of our process to make sure you enjoy every last bite.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What are my options?

  • Whole, one-half calf, one-fourth or custom orders

What cuts will I get?

The amount of each type of cut varies each time we process a calf. The possible percentages listed below are approximate. Variations occur naturally as well as certain individual preferences but this will give you a general benchmark for the quantity of the various cuts you might receive.

Approximate percentage of cuts: 

Ground Beef     61.6%

Steaks     6.7%  (filet, sirloin, ribeye, new york strip. Due to vacume packaging, the ribeyes and New York strips are cut into 4-6 inch logs)

Roasts     14.9% (chuck, arm, rump, sirloin)

Stew     4.1%

Ribs     4.1%

Brisket     2.6%

Cube Steak     3.8%

Liver     2.2%

Bones  (make great broths for soups and left-over treats for dogs!)

How much meat will I get from a calf?

On average, the calves we take to the processor have produce about 44o lbs of the actual meat you are able to take home to your freezer. That is 440 lbs for a whole, 220 lbs for a half, and 110 lbs for a quarter.

How much will it cost?

The price is $8.00 per pound when bought in bulk.  This price includes the beef, processed by a USDA approved processor and vacuum-sealed packaging for long-lasting freshness. In the above example, the whole processed calf (440lbs) would cost $3,520.00. 

Are there any savings to purchasing my beef like this?

By taking a quarter, whole or half calf  you would be paying the less than the ultra lean ground beef price per pound for the steaks, roasts and all other cuts. For instance, our individually packaged all-natural Black-Angus ground beef sells for $8.00 per pound.  You would be getting all cuts of beef for approxiamtely that price, including filet mignon.  What a bargain!  Filet, rib-eye and NY strip for the same price as ground beef!

How many pounds of meat will my freezer hold?

A rule of thumb is one cubic foot of freezer space for each 35-40 pounds of cut and packaged meat. Allow slightly more space when the meat is packaged in odd shapes.

How long can meat be frozen and still maintain its quality?

Generally speaking, beef can be stored up to 9-12 months. Most meat can be safely stored for longer periods, but they tend to lose some quality. Because our meat is vacuum sealed, it will maintain its freshness longer than traditional paper wrapped or box store packaged meats. 

In summary, what are the benefits of buying in bulk from Wildwood Farm?

Less expensive – All cuts are priced the same per pound. Steaks are priced approximately the same as hamburger. How awesome is that?

Tastes better – Wildwood Farm’s meats are not only extremely lean and tender, they are fresh too! From our farm to your plate…no 18-wheelers, or stock boys needed! You’ll taste the difference!

Better for you – Have you heard about the pink sludge being injected into grocery store meats? Not only are Wildwood Farm meats pink sludge free, they are all natural grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free too! The way nature intended!

Buy local – All of our cattle are bred, born and raised here at Wildwood Farm. There is no middleman or stockyard.  Wildwood Farm takes great pride in the breeding and raising of our herd.

Quantities are limited. Call (865)256-9591 to discuss purchasing today!